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Downy mildew

Is a fungus attacking cucumber, melon, pumpkin and squash, severely.

Severe infestation of downy mildew on cucumber leaves

It appears in high humidity conditions, as small chlorotic lesions.

Yellow spots on the upperside of the cucumber leaf is a symptom to donwny mildew fungus on the backside
symptoms of downy mildew on melon leaf

In cucumber its defined on the lower side by the leaf veins.

Black fungus downy mildew colonies, between the veins, on the backside of a cucumber leaf
Downy mildew on basil leaves

They continue to expand until the leaf dies.

Expanding nacrotic lessions caused by downy mildew on cucumber leaves

If you are using head irrigation with sprinklers,

you are highly increasing the chance of the appearance and spread out of this fungus.

If you can, It is better to use drip irrigation.

It is recommended to use at least 4 kinds of different pesticides,

and alternate between them every 3 days, in order to overcome pest’s resistance,

and completely exterminate them.

For further information about this, read this post , and this post also.

Best pesticides for downy mildew,

Active ingredients:





5.Fosethyl Aluminium           

6. Propamocarb      



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