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Increasing pesticides lethality

Growing and nurturing a crop is difficult enough without the presence of a pest.

The difficult increases when there are two or more different kinds of pests at the same time in the field.

In related to that, Spraying is expensive, takes time,

it is inconvenient and can be dangerous if not protected properly.

So, you want spraying, to be as efficient as it can be.

It is possible to combine and mix two different kinds of pesticides, and spray them together at the same time.

For example, if your crop is suffering at the same time, from spider mites and powdery mildew,

and you have pesticide A, against spider mites, and pesticide B, against powdery mildew,

you can mix them together and spray them, at the same time, on your crop.

In this way you save time and you can control two different kind of pests, spraying only once.

Furthermore, if you have, for example, only the presence of one pest, like spider mites, on your crop,

you can mix two different pesticides that both kill spider mites, and spray them together, thus increasing lethality.

Don’t mix more than 2 pesticides together at the same time.

These are chemicals.        

too much of them, can cause a contradiction between each other, or burn the young plant’s leaves.

This is called phytotoxicity.

A combination of insecticide plus insecticide, or insecticide plus fungicide, or fungicide plus fungicide is o.k.

Also, insecticide plus oil is fine.

Special oils are sometimes added in order to increase lethality against insects, such as Neem, J.M.S and E.O.S.

When you are mixing two different pesticides in a bucket, first put some water,

then, add pesticide no.1 , dissolve it, add pesticide no.2 , mix again and pour to the sprayer tank.

Then add the rest of the water, necessary for covering all your crop area.

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