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Late blight

Also called Phytophtora infestans, is a dangerous fungus which attacks mainly tomato and potato.

symptom of late bligt to a tomato leaf

It spreads out very fast.

Dried leaves damage by late blight

Attacking leaves, fruits and stems.

Damage of late blight to tomato fruits

Appears when humidity is high.                              

First symptoms are white powder and black veins on the lower side of the leaves.

First sign to an appearance of late blight

If you are using head irrigation with sprinklers,

you are highly increasing the chance of the appearance and spread out of this fungus.

If you can, It is better to use drip irrigation.

It is recommended to use at least 4 kinds of different pesticides,

and alternate between them every 3 days, in order to overcome pest’s resistance,

and completely exterminate them.

For further information about this, read this post , and this post also.

Active ingredients:

Best pesticides for Late blight,









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