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Leaf mold

Of tomato, is an olive brown fungus, which inhabits the lower side of the leaves.

Leaf mold of tomato
Leaf mold fungi on the backside of the leaf

On the upper side appear yellow spots.

Yellow spots on the upperside of the leaf as a symptom to the leaf mold fungi being under

If not taken care of, these leaves will drop off.

It is recommended to use at least 4 kinds of different pesticides,

and alternate between them every 3 days,

in order to overcome pest’s resistance, and completely exterminate them.

For further information about this, read this post , and this post also.

Best pesticides for Leaf mold,

Active ingredients:

1. Metalaxyl/Mefenoxam




5. Iprovalicarb            

6. Dimethomorph      

7. Famoxadone      

8. Fenamidone

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