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Spider mites

These are very small spiders, around  1 millimeter length and reproduce very fast.

A spider mite
A few spider mites individuals on the back side of a leaf
Spider mites on the backside of a tomato leaf

Their color is red or yellow and the damage they make can be very big.

Damage to dry leaves of tomato plants done by spider mites
A big colony of spider mites

They can reach enormous amounts.

Here the spider mites are hiding on the backside of the leaf, but the symptomes are shown on the upperside of the leaf.

They are moving between plants, using webs that they produce,

and suck the liquids, out of the leaves, leaving them dry.

tomato plants suffering from a big infestation of spider mites
Spider mites using webs to move on a tomato leaf
Spider mites colony on tomato leaves
Webs on a cucumber leaf done by spider mites

This can happen in a matter of days if not taken care of.

Spider mites on the back side of a cucumber leaf
Spider mites demage to cucumber leaf

Spider mites are active on all vegetable crops, and they develop tolerance to many designated pesticides.           

Spider mites moving on webs they created
Symptoms of spider mites damge to eggplant leaves.The spidermites are staying on the backside of the leaves.
Infestation of spider mites on watermelon leaves
Spider mites on the backside of a cannabis leaf
Spider mites webs around a strawberry

They are not affected at all by many of the pesticides developed at great cost to give a proper solution against them, turning to be very hard to be eradicated.

It is recommended to use at least 4 kinds of different pesticides,

and alternate between them every 3 days,

in order to overcome pest’s resistance, and completely exterminate them.

For further information about this, read this post , and this post also.

Best pesticides for spider mites,

Active ingredients:

 1. Bifenazate

 2. Abamectin          

 3. Milbemectin      

 4. Acequinocyl        

5. Fenbutatin oxide

6. Cyflumetofen      

7. Etoxazole           

8. Spiromesifen     

9. Neem oil          

10. Mineral oil                     

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