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Tuta Absoluta

Is a moth, attacking only tomato .

Tuta absoluta as a moth
Enormous amountst of tuta absoluta moths killed by a bluelight electric mosquito killer

The caterpillar penetrates the leaves and eating them from the inside.

Mines done by tuta absoluta caterpillar on tomato leaf

The damage can be enormous.

A whole leaf eaten by tuta absoluta caterpillar
The tuta absoluta caterpillar eating only the green stuff of the leaf
Damage of tuta absoluta to a whole row of tomato plants

It attacks also the fruits.

Damage of tuta absolta to tomato fruit

It is recommended to use at least 4 kinds of different pesticides,

and alternate between them every 3 days,

in order to overcome pest’s resistance, and completely exterminate them.

For further information about this, read this post , and this post also.

Best pesticides for Tuta absoluta,

Active ingredients:




4.Emamectin benzoate          



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